Shannon Malloy

Actress/ Performer /Storyteller

About Me

Hi there!

My name is Shannon and I'm a Colorado girl pursuing my life calling as an actor. Acting is what sets my soul on fire and I truly believe telling stories is one of the best jobs out there. My goals center around acting in coming of age stories which I find to be truthful, raw, honest and compelling in a way other films often miss. A few of my favorites include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Begin Again, and Soul Surfer. I got hooked on film-making in high school when my TV teacher encouraged weekly filming and setting high goals. Perhaps that is why I find the teenage to college years in storytelling so pivotal: it's when I discovered my purpose! 

I'm a Christian and an Army Wife, two things that have instilled strength in my character and determination in my everyday life. When I'm not acting, you can most likely find me reading at a coffee shop, singing too loud in the car, and writing away in a journal. 


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Shannon Malloy